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Garage Door Replacement Parts

Azle Door offers a variety of garage door services for residential and commercial customers.  Contact our local office today to learn more about the services offered at Azle Door.

Azle Door offers many of the most commonly replaced garage door replacement parts.  Whether you need replacement parts for a residential garage door or a commericial garage door, Azle Door provides a service to ensure support for your needs. From garage door replacement windows, to hardware replacements, and decorative hardware, sometimes just replacing a part is more necessary than replacing the whole door.

Here is a diagram by Popular Mechanics showing the different parts of a garage door.

garage door diagram by Popular Mechanics
Image created by Popular Mechanics (

Commercial Garage Door Replacement Parts

If you are looking for replacement parts a commercial garage door, Azle Door offers a variety of parts to help repair your existing commercial garage door.

Commercial garage doors are used often in business for warehouses and throughout industrial areas. Most commonly, commercial garage doors can experience issues with springs, sensors, hoist chains or electronic openers, and keypads.  Rather than replacing the whole door, sometimes a simple, yet affordable repair can save time and money.

Residential Garage Door Replacement Parts

Residential garage doors are often used quite frequently.  The wear and tear does come at a cost, and often homeowners are looking for replacement parts for thier garage doors to save money and time.  Azle Door can send a professional to your home to discuss your needs and determine what parts are needed to repair the current garage door.

Here are some of the accessories often in need of replacement throughout the garage doors lifetime.

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